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Miniature donkeys are relatively easy to care for and maintain. 

I will list below most of the things that you should provide for 
your Miniature donkeys, but there is one thing I believe is the MOST important.

THEY NEED A COMPANION!!! Usually another donkey, 
but it can be a friendly large goat, a horse, or a mule. 

This means that you CANNOT have a Miniature donkey in a pasture or 
pen ALL ALONE. Donkeys are herd animals and they like a group.
Even that one donkey that doesn't seem to like any other
donkeys, still needs a companion. Two geldings (castrated jacks)
 playing can be the most amusing entertainment!!!

So, to keep your Miniature donkeys friendly, lovable and mentally
alert, make sure they have an animal friend.

A jack can have a gelding as a buddy until breeding time
and then he'll be happy with a couple of girls. All my
donkeys are in pairs, and some are in threes,
 that is their way. We don't need
to mess that up. 

Miniature donkeys 
require at least a
3 sided shelter with the back to the North. So they can get out of the rain, summer heat and 
winter storms.
The shelter should be in as large of a fenced area as you can provide. Your fence should be at  least 
4 feet high.

 Provide clean water, hay
and mineral salts. We add a 
little sweet feed or oats daily
during the winter. 

Our donkeys graze on our alicia hay pastures all summer and only the foaling jennets, foals and
 show animals get 
supplementary feed. 

We like to provide shaded
water, so it will be cooler and 
stay cleaner, because 
the lack of sun discourages 
algae growth.

For health care the donkeys need annual vaccinations. 
We also have their feet trimmed quarterly and do paste worming 
at the same time.

Miniature donkeys like to be brushed, especially when they are shedding, And of course they like to be scratched and loved.

Miniature donkeys in different parts of the country can require more feed 
and other types of shelter, depending on the climate. But, miniature 
donkeys are still the easiest of keepers. 

 Many people that call me have several different kinds of animals 
and want them all to have fun together, so...
To address a frequently asked question:
as a general rule miniature donkeys 
DO NOT like dogs. There are exceptions and ways to work 
with your young donkeys and dogs that might help them 
learn to be compatible. But, even if your dogs like horses, that doesn't
mean the donkeys will like the dogs. Ask questions about the 
donkeys you are considering and get a second opinion.

Another frequent request: 
People often
want to purchase a "pair"  
(one male and one female) of miniature donkeys, like they would with dogs.
That is like wanting one stallion and one mare. Won't he be frustrated!
Like stallions, intact mature jacks are breeding animals
and should never be used as pets. For pets, two gelded jacks 
are the best way to go. 

These are the BASICS. If you plan to become a miniature donkey
breeder, you should visit different breeding farms to learn as 
much as possible. Having a mature breeding jack requires a
different set up than having pets, jennets or geldings. 

The National Miniature Donkey Association 
magazine "The Asset" is a great source of information.
Please click on the logo to visit their website and find out how
to join this organization.

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